Jireh Corporation was founded in 1993 by Alex Wang - a Taiwanese who also held the position of the first General Manager for Helly-Hansen Far East.

His passion for performance apparel and enthusiasm to challenge complicated styles from the niche sailing market led him to approach British Olympic sailor and businessman Keith Musto and gained his first contract for the production of the Inshore One-Piece Suit, Inshore Jacket and Inshore Trousers.

Alex's core values are team work, accountability and honesty.


Jireh Corporation is a professional OEM garment manufacturer. Our head office is in CBD of Taipei, Taiwan with a team full of passion about what they do and strive to provide excellent service to our customers in the areas of Fabric/Trim sourcing, Product development, Sales and Logistics.

As the business grow over time, Jireh has established Shanghai branch office in 2005 with Production and QA team who are dedicated to their roles to ensure smooth running of productions and deliver quality products in a timely manner.

Certified production facilities are located in


Shanghai Branch Office Taipei Head Office Taiwan Myanmar Vietnam Cambodia China


Jireh is heavily involved in the outer wear development and production for iconic sailing clothes brand since the beginning. Gradually our product category has expanded to meet the demand of our customers which includes base layer and mid layer. We’ve utilized this concept of multi-layer clothing system in the design and development process and collaborated with global brands in many different applications such as Outdoor Mountaineering, Sports Cycling, Law Enforcement, Workwear, Lifestyle clothing and more....


Transport moisture away from the skin

Base layer is the first layer next to skin and its main purpose is to transport moisture and sweat vapour away to keep you dry and to regulate the body’s temperature. At Jireh we can offer base layer products in different types of workmanship. Apart from the traditional cut & sew method, there are circular knitting seamless for versatile jacquard pattern designs and modern technique of sew free technology.


Provides insulation to keep body warm

This layer is worn over base layer to provide insulation and help trap in body heat in order to keep you warm. At Jireh we can produce mid layers including fleeces, downs, softshells, sweatshirts and hoodies by using fabric materials made from synthetic and natural fibers or combinations of both.


Protects against elements of wind, rain, snow

The outer layer is built to protect wearer against elements of wind, rain and snow by selecting waterproof and breathable materials in order to construct the garment with hot air seam sealing or high frequency welding technologies to prevent water leakage inside the garment. These garments come in forms of jackets or parkas with adjustable zippers and vents to help wearer control heat and minimize sweating.

  • Base Layer

  • Mid Layer

  • Outer Layer


In the past two decades Jireh has built the reputation as a responsible supplier to a variety of customers. From startup brands to long established factories in Western country who are outsourcing in Asia. We have the capability and production capacity to meet your demand. Please contact us for more details today.



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